I'm Daniel Sturrock a Developer a Designer an Entrepreneur

About Me.

Owner / Founder - App Studio Pty Ltd

Daniel Sturrock is a software developer and entrepreneur who lives in Melbourne, Australia. When he's not working with clients through his company App Studio, he loves reading, traveling, and learning new things.

Daniel has over 10+ years experience in the IT industry working on small and large projects. Daniel has the ability to create complex systems in PHP that can process terabytes of data fast and efficiently.

As an experienced software architect, Daniel understands the delivery of a broad range of projects, with varying complexities experienced in requirements, enterprise workflow, software design, business process mapping and the creation and maintenance of quality systems.

Some of Daniel's core capabilities include - Management, Communication, Consulting, Problem Solving, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Teamwork.



13 Years Experience


13 Years Experience

React Native

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13 Years Experience

Amazon Web Services

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13 Years Experience


9 Years Experience

Adobe Photoshop

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UX/UI Designer

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